Thursday, November 29, 2007

Missing Tooth and a Brownie

Ok, ok, it is not exactly like it sounds!! Yesterday seemed to be a pretty big day for J. As the bus waits for her to run willy-nilly across the street to our house, I see this gaping hole. GOOD GRIEF! Finally! How this girl realizes that she has a tooth that barely wiggles, I don't know. So it seems to take FOREVER before the tiny pearly white comes out. It has been super loose for a while now and she did it all by herself... ON THE BUS ON THE WAY HOME.

So after going out for a quick bite, we had to get ready for our scout meeting. It was the Investiture Ceremony. Now, she is officially a Brownie! It was short, sweet to the point ceremony at Miss Jaime's house. But it was pretty cute seeing the girls remember the proper Girl Scout handshake as they received their certificate and pins for their vest.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Day

Hope your Turkey Day was a great one! Ours was very nice, as it always is. Thanksgiving is always at Aunt Linda's; the only difference this year is that Aunt Linda has a new house this year. It is awesome. They have really worked hard to pull everything together and be ready to do some wonderful cooking this year. Of course, given this time of year for reflecting on what we are thankful for, but wanted to give extra notice for a couple of things... 1)J's improved health. Her GI doctor and Urologist are great. Let's get this kidney reflux outta here... 2)And speaking of J, we are just so proud of her. The midterm progress report was sent home on Wednesday--3 A's, O (outstanding) and 3 S's (satisfactory). That's our girl!! Mommy and Daddy always knew you were BRILLIANT!! Keep up the great work! 3)Nephew-to-be. Sister in law just found out on Wednesday that baby on the way is a BOY! We are all very excited. So, look out world...there is another Jones Boy on the way! (and what a great bunch they are!)

The kids decided that they wanted to go home with Grandma and Grandpa last night. We had the evening to watch our Colts get another win! GO COLTS! So, while the kids are gone and dear hubby is having to work, I think that I might brave the craziness to maybe get some "secret" shopping done. Shhh! Don't tell!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finally, I posted something.

Ok, so I set this blog up a couple of weeks ago. But what to post? I stay at home with my 3 1/2 year old son and my daughter is a first grader. And dear hubby works hard so that I can be at home.
I think that we have a couple of terrific kids. J is just so smart and sweet. She is doing really well in school. B, is such a BOY! All about monsters, super heros and cars.
This is a collage that hubby put together from our trip to the park recently. It was something of an impromtu photo session. We were both pleased with the results.