Tuesday, May 26, 2009

keeping up?

I've been slacking.

Most of this past week has been getting acquainted with the new toys for the birthday bash. And being under the weather. Allergies seem to be getting to me this year, yet the allergy medicine (otc) makes me so tired.

On Wednesday, official birthday day, Brandon had gymnastics. I had bought cookies for him to share with his class. It is hard to believe that he is so grown up now. We also had cupcakes when we got home and sang Happy Birthday. Oh, and daddy, who had been out of town, was home. I think that made him a pretty happy boy.

Saturday we took a trip to French Lick. We rode on a train. The kiddos really enjoyed it. Well, except of the "train robbers" part. They were in costume, on horseback, pop guns, stage coach. We chose not to forewarn them. I guess we should have... I guess it was a good thing that we were sitting on the opposite side of the train. Jess was content with staying where she was. Brandon on the other hand was completely upset. But it only took a few minutes to calm him down; making sure to let him know that it was all pretend, dress up, nobody was really hurt, then he was ok.
We had pizza for lunch and headed home.

Since it was still so nice out, we decided to get our pool out. It's one of those "all in one, easy set" type of things. The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It was torture to them that they could not be in it while it was filling. But they did get in on Sunday. After an impromptu picnic at the park. And a trip to the store. But they were ok with this extra trip because it meant new swimsuits for them. All was going good. The kids had their fill of swimming. They had changed their clothes; games were brought out to play. Dinner was cooking on the grill. And then this huge gust of wind came thru. Oh man... Game pieces flying, crayons going everywhere. You should have heard Brandon. Then he was running around trying to collect everything. He was just crying and crying. We had gotten everything in. I sat down and pulled him in my lap. It was like having a bitty Brandon; shushing him and he was ok. If you asked him what was wrong he just wanted to cry all over again. Finally, he told me that it scared him. (thank you mister obvious) After a few minutes he asked if there was going to be a tornado. We had pretty much figured that this was the case. Although we have not ever had quite this reaction before. But then again, he has not been "caught" out in a "big wind" before.
Monday was pretty much rain, rain, rain. So we took this as our clean up opportunity. Figuring what to do with the birthday haul. And also the lego table found at a garage sale. It is technically a train table, but we wanted to have lots of space where he can build with his legos or tinkers. And not be left all over. We had been looking. Then grandma and grandpa found one Saturday (while we were headed south) and delivered it. So with a small bit of rearranging and toy removing, Brandon has a play area in his room.
Not to worry, Jess had her fair share in her room as well. Especially in the clean up department. A bit of rearranging and removing in her room as well, but she was pretty tickled when it was done. Now if we can get them both to "get" the put away when done... suggestions???
So here we are at Tuesday. It has taken an unbelievable amount of time to get this whole post in. I have been paged about 3 times in the last 15 minutes. MUST FINISH POST! Jess took a beach towel to school. They are having Beach Day at lunch. She was pretty excited. And pizza party tomorrow. And Thursday is a half day AND the LAST day of school. Man, a day and a half away from having a 3rd grader and a kindergartener.
Time flies.
I guess I better get going and push the boy on his swing. He might be ready for high school by the time I get out there....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Birthday Boy

I had no idea what we were in for. I really cannot count the number of times that I have said that two children coming from the same parents could not be more different. "The Beast" was our charming nickname for you. There was no middle ground for you. Either you were happy or not. Sleeping or not. And even though I could see some traits that belong to your daddy, a few that come from me, and all the ways that I compared to your sister (and told myself not to); it came to me that you were "just Brandon." A beautiful mix that makes you stand out all on your own. Certainly one of a kind!
While it is so hard to believe that time has passed so quickly, you have grown so much. But a few things remain the same. When you are happy, you smile the biggest smile; when you laugh, it comes out as a big belly laugh; and you give the best hugs.
You are all boy through and through. You have the scrapes, bruises, dirty hands and sweaty face to prove it. And you are fearless. (You obviously get this trait from your daddy.) But you are also the sweetest and most polite little boy. You hold the door for strangers; you let little girls in line ahead of you; and you like to make cards with lots of hearts on them. And even though you prefer for daddy to tuck you in, you always ask for me to come give you hugs. And you give the best hugs!
I could not be more proud of you. I love the stories that you make up. I love your imagination. I love to see how much you love your sister. I love to see how feisty and fired up you get playing with daddy. My sweet beautiful boy. How happy I am to call you my son.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Five years ago today...

We had dropped Jessica off at grandma and grandpa's house. This was our last day as a family of three. Here was your last night in the belly 5/19/04 about 9:00pm...

At last minute I decided to add this one on. It is taken about 7:00am on the morning of your delivery. We had to be at the hospital very, very early for pre-op stuff. We were ready ahead of schedule. So we were just hanging out...waiting.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday Slideshow

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As I said earlier, it was a good day. Teensy tiny glitch in that the cake (chocolate) and cupcakes(vanilla)were not ready. But the decorator was really nice and offered to discount the cake. Welllll, who am I to say no? But I did make sure to tell her that I did appreciate it! It was only an extra 20 minutes that I had nothing else I could have been doing. NOT!! Everything came together on time and ready when our guest showed up. I almost forgot, actually I did forget about the pinata. Until we were ready to sing. Great Grandma and Aunt Rachel had to scoot out early. We didn't want Jacob to miss out on the pinata. So, we sang Happy Birthday; then as cake was being cut, the kids took on the pinata. Thanks to Sandy for cake cutting so that I could watch the kids. It was pretty darn funny!

Brandon received lots of cool stuff. Lots of Legos. He loves them! Played with them most of the day, usually while wearing the Knight costume. Sidewalk chalk, Moon Sand, Hot Wheels, Monster Trucks. He seemed to be a pretty happy boy today checking all his goods.

So thanks everyone for sharing the day with us!

Guess who!

Guess who is now registered for kindergarten!

We went Friday morning for the kindergarten roundup. One of the teachers took him for his assessment. About 10-15 minutes later he was back. It was official. Now he is a kindergartener. And kindergarteners rock! -The sticker he was wearing said so.

Guess who had a surprise birthday party! Lisa! (for those unfamiliar)Lisa is the big sister to my loooong time best friend. Seriously, Sandy and I met in 6th grade in Ohio. Now we all live here in Indy. Anyhoo, a big to-do was pulled off, and we are more than happy that we were there to celebrate with my other family.

Sandy made these delicious creations. 400 flowers, 300 leaves (she counted, not me)

Guess who ELSE had a birthday party! THAT'S RIGHT- Mr. Big Boy Himself!

I think that it was a success! We spent the day with family and friends. My mom and 2 of my brothers even made it over. Food, presents, cake and ice cream. EVEN a pinata to beat the daylights out of.
Today, we are playing with this, that and the other. All kinds of new stuff to be checked out! Thanks for all the great stuff!

I will get some more pics up later. And some post birthday wrap up, but for now Legos are calling...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Big stuff

Well, Jess thinks she is big stuff. Actually riding her bike. She went to her first sleep over. What can I say? The kiddos have only stayed with family. Stayed up way late two nights in a row. Rode her bike around the neighborhood and needed no assistance.

Good grief!! Who the heck said that in something like 3 days she could just grow up?

She was set to go Friday when she came home from school. As soon as she set foot in the door (barely), she was wanting to know if it was time to go to Megan's house. Ummm, no. We decided that around 6 would be good and she only lives 2 minutes down the street. It was after 11 before they went to sleep. She was pretty slow moving when she came home Saturday morning.

And even though Brandon seemed to like having our undivided attention, you could tell that he was missing his sister. (They are like peas in a pod. They do pretty much everything together.) He would say, "I wonder what Jess is having for dinner." Or "I bet she not having ice cream!" Or when it was time for bed, "do you think Jess stayed up this late?"

Saturday afternoon was Alex's birthday party. The big 4! And since his mom and I have only known each other since we were 12 (and living in another state), we ended up staying looooong after the party was over. Our kiddos were loving all the extra time together.

Sunday, we all but had to drag Jess out of bed. She was feeling the pain of a lack of sleep for two days. But she also rallied herself to ride her bike. Like I said earlier, she went around the neighborhood and lots of up and down our street.
It all caught up to her. There was a meltdown. There was a nap to follow. Napping is something that was given up somewhere around 24 mos.

I have made another photo book. (Have I mentioned that it is one of my new favorite things?) This one is flowers and landscape themed. I did it for my mom for Mother's day. And I can tell you this because she does not get online. Thus, not reading this! SO, that means don't tell her about it!

Ok, I'm sure that there are lots of pictures that I could be/should be sharing (in a Smilebox, of course), but my dryer has buzzed and Brandon is calling...