Monday, June 23, 2008

Victory Field

We took Jess to Victory Field for her birthday.

They have a pretty cool birthday package that included a visit from the mascot and her name on the score board. We were having a good time until the mascot appeared... It looks like we should have giving her a bit of forewarning. She wanted NOTHING to do with him! Jumped on daddy's lap and hid her face, practically in tears. The whole ball park was singing Happy Birthday. Then we realized that we missed seeing her name in lights!

(seriously, how cute is this of Brandon and Alex?!?)

We won the game! YEAH!! Go Indians! And ended the (very late) night with fireworks.

The kiddos were crashed out when we got home!

Birthday Girl

Here are a few pictures of my Birthday Girl. The first two are in the morning before our running around with errands and afternoon pictures. The last one was after dinner with birthday cupcakes with just the 4 of us. We had a birthday "gathering" on Friday at an Indians game and cake and ice cream on Saturday.

Major decisions about who was getting what color! Obviously, she picked pink for herself.

Baby Ray

I'm a bit behind... (whatelse?) Grandma had surgery on her knee on the 10th. She is doing well. A week with crutches and going on her own after that. Since Grandma was not up to having Baby Ray with her, he got to visit our house instead! The kiddos were super excited to have him over. Lots of peek-a-boo, and "hi" in that sing-songy voice, (he smiled nearly every time), and lots of wanting to hold him. Which he was pretty tolerant of.

On Thursday (6/12), I ventured with the three of them downtown for the Strawberry Festival. Hmmmm! Yummy stuff going on there! All three were angels! Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of our outting. Surely, there will be others...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's A Birthday!

My sweet girl, today is your birthday! It is so hard to believe that you could possibly be 7 years old. Your were tiny (until we compared you to other babies) and full of plump baby rolls. Everything changed. We were now a family, not just a couple. Your surprise early arrival was the first lesson to mommy that things can't always go the way I plan them. And I'm willing to guess that your daddy might have been surprised at how much you captured his heart. You were a daddy's girl right from the very beginning! There were so many that looked forward to your arrival. A blessing to all of us! Such a beautiful, loving, sweet-natured baby. I always said that everyone should have a baby just like you. We are so proud of you. We love you more than words can say. Happy Birthday, sweet girl!
Due to the unexpected arrival, our very newborn pictures are not digital, but from a camera bought at the gift shop. So I think she was 1 whole day old in this picture. Such a tiny girl (hee hee) at 10 lbs, 8 oz. 22in (oh, and 15 days early!) showing her serious side.
momma and her sweet girl
Duchess was always watching over Jess.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sprinkler Fun

It was hot and sunny, so I put the sprinkler out for the kiddos. There were BIG smiles and squeals all around, so I think that they had a good time.

Backyard Baseball

We have had some really nice weather. After a day at the park, the kiddos were not ready to call it a day. They got their gloves for a little pitch and catch with daddy. We figured this was as good a time as any to bring the Better Batter Baseball outdoors.
Unfortunately, this was swing and a miss... But he got this one.

Footloose and Feeling Fit

It's recital day! June 8, 2008. This one has lots of pictures with it. They were just so super cute!This is sort of "old hat" for Jess as this is her 3rd recital. But this was Brandon's first. I put shots from each ones performance, then finale with balloon drop.

Here we are heading out for our performance.
Brandon's group.
They did the Elephant Walk.
We were just too excited. The elephant ears that he refused to wear, HE WORE THEM! After rehearsal, he told his daddy that he "was sad he didn't have his."

Doing the crab walk. You have to give him credit, those ears didn't stay up too well. He kept right on going as if those ears were supposed to be upside down and on the back of his head! Look at that bridge! So glad that he turned opposite of everyone else. We could see his face and not just his feet.
As the group of 3 and 4 year olds marched off the stage they were supposed to wave and blow a big kiss.

What a smile! Great job buddy!!

Jessica's group dance to a High School Musical song. Great cartwheel Jess!

For the finale, the younger groups did the Chicken Dance. The house lights came on for the audience to participate. So cute when Brandon could actually SEE us to try to wave and dance at the same time.

Jess' group was the last one to come out. This worked out great for us because she was center stage. Here she is working the Electric Slide.We were so focused on trying to find Jess after the balloon drop (holding the white balloon in the center) that we did not even see B coming all the way out to the edge of the stage...
...until an instructor came to get him for curtain call.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rehearsal Day!

Today was our full dress rehearsal; complete with portraits. So we had to be in tip top shape!
To think what starts out like this... Ends up like this!
With B poking his head in. But really, how hard is it to be a boy?
All we had to do is hand him his clothes, put on his shoes, and he is good to go.
But kidding aside, we are so proud of them. They have done such a good job. We cannot wait for the show tomorrow to share their accomplishment with family and friends.
Break a leg guys!

It's Been How Long?

June 1st marks another anniversary for us... It has been 14 years that we have been together! Does it make sense to say "can it really be that long?" and that "it feels like forever." And I mean that in the nicest way possible, dear! To my sweet hubby, you are the best! My best friend, husband and daddy. You do some pretty amazing things for our family. Thank you! LOVE YOU! And Happy Anniversary! (well, sort of)

Friday, June 6, 2008

A Day At The Park-5/31

School Girl

Here are a few pictures of our school girl as the first grade comes to a close...
Working on her project about Rays (stingrays, manta rays...)Practicing for the presentation
She received 100%!!

Ready for a day of fun in the sun for "field day"
Last full day of school- 5/28
Now it is official...She is a second grader!