Sunday, September 28, 2008


This weekend the kiddos have been camping with Grandma and Grandpa. Actually, that would be all of their immediate family (on daddy's side)... Uncle M and Aunt R, Uncle A, Aunt S and baby Ray. Only mommy and daddy weren't there. Although we did go to meet them Saturday afternoon and spent the evening with them. We left when it was getting close to the kiddos bedtime. We would have partaken of the fun, but daddy had to work Saturday morning and also had to leave on Sunday (early) morning to go out of town for a few days.
They had a blast! Not only has the weather been perfect for camping- sunny days and cool evenings-but the kiddos get lots of together time with some of their favorite people! Weinie roasts, s'mores, and hikes thru the woods, so many great memories.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Lots of pictures with this one! I think that summing the month as a whole will be a lot quicker than individual posting. Jess is now in full swing at school and loves it. She has also started gymnastics (getting her first blister and breaking it last week). Girl Scouts has also started with their bi-weekly meetings. The troop has already taken a fieldtrip to the circus. Brandon gets to hang out with me while Jess is at school. He also has started taking gymnastics. He has a blast! He works up a good sweat while having fun at the same time.

We have been to a wedding, a birthday party, football games, and a pig roast. It has been pretty busy around here. Let's throw in homework and gymnastics for both kiddos just for fun!

Here are a "few" pictures for this month...

The family dressed up for a wedding.

Just after the wedding
At the reception
The center piece
yes, it is the napkin...
The happy couple
After the wedding, we were off to Anthony's birthday party. The "annual birthday pic."
Molly, Jess, Anthony, Brandon, Christopher (oldest to youngest)
Brandon catching bugs. Season opener in the new stadium

Silly kiddos

We made carmel apples.


We did an impromptu cookout in the park with Tina and Anthony. The kids love getting together and had so much fun.

Brandon on the web climbing thingy.

Jess' turn.

Just because

All three

different view of the fountain

Baby Ray came over for a little visit. Jess is working on "First Words" flashcards.


Trying so hard to crawl

(must eat cards Jess is holding...)

We didn't take the camera with us to the pig roast this past weekend. Everything was delicious! Thanks to Max and Carol for having us!