Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our little friend Gracelynn

Our littlest friend has been coming to our house. Her momma has gone back to work and we get to play with baby Grace. This sweet little girl is 2 months old today! Jess and Brandon both love to snuggle and play with her. Brandon has taken to saying her name to song... last week, it was to the tune of "Jingle Bells."

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Christmas morning

a few pictures of the kids from Christmas morning.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

We spend Christmas Eve at my in-laws house each year. Fortunate for us, it is not "over the hills and through the woods."  It is just a 15 minute jaunt away. I think it takes us longer to make sure that we have gathered everything up than it does to get there! 

We usually let the kids open their gifts from grandma and grandpa once the immediate family has arrived. Then exchange gifts for the rest of the family after dinner. Grandma (mom) had prepared a wonderful dinner; complete with individual sized cream pies for dessert. YUM! I had chocolate- just in case you were wondering! :)

The kids were spoiled by the rest of the family... who am I kidding?? So were we!! Thank you to all of you. We appreciate it all. And it was great to spend the evening with family. We finally called it a night. (good thing we live close!!) Packed up the goods and headed home. Once home, even though it was late and raining, Brandon had to throw out the "reindeer food" that he had made at school.  And Jess pick out which cookies we were leaving out for Santa. (thanks Aunt Shannon for letting us bring a few extras home. Santa thought they were delicious!)

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I will work on getting some pictures up from Christmas morning/day and I also wanted to show some more of our little friend Gracelynn. She has grown so much!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family Christmas

I was going to wait until tomorrow, but why do that? Here are a few(ish) pictures from our Jones family Christmas.

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Thank you! ...for everything! The good food, conversation, gifts... all of it. We had a great time and I know that kids did too. They were asleep in no time at all!

For Grandma and Great Rachel...

Do you see it?  We put it on the tree when we got home Friday night.

It's perfect!

Even Santa says that the Colts are #1.

We took a ton of pictures from our early Christmas with the Jones family... And I mean the whole Jones family. I will work on getting a smilebox up to share. (And a copy of pictures for you Rachel.)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Family of Colts fans

Our Colts themed little tree. It is in the entry way for everyone to see as soon as they come in our house.

Look who was at Grandma's house when we went to drop off Jess and Brandon- Baby Dylan! He is one whole month old now.

So,of course, we had to get a group picture. (and just in case you're wondering, Brandon's shirt has Colts on the hood and down the sleeve.)

And look who was still there after the game!

And then there was another group picture. Only this time it is the Jones boys...with THEIR boys.

And again with the token girl.


Monday, December 7, 2009


Just wondering....when it has been 30 minutes since the kiddos have gone to bed and you hear someone click her light off when she realizes I'm still upstairs...

She is practicing multiplication flashcards.

Ummm, ok. What to do with her?

And on a completely different note, I went to my first Colts without Steve. This is the first game since we've had our tickets that we have not gone together. Only 3 games that we have missed and shared the tickets. (When we got married, one for job emergency, one for vacation) My sister in law was nice enough to go with me. Thanks Shannon! We had a good time. And we WON!!  (again)  12-0 Go Colts! 

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A little preview

...of our Christmas readiness. Or the getting there at least.

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On a sad note, my uncle passed away early this morning. Glendon is my mom's only brother. This is from our family reunion this past July. (my mom-standing on the far left, Aunt Alice, Aunt Jean, Uncle Glendon, Aunt Juanita-baby of the family, and sitting, Aunt RoseMarie-Glendon's wife, Aunt Necia-my Great Aunt, Aunt Ora-the oldest; missing 2 more sisters Aunt Eva and Aunt Ollie also gone too soon.)