Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I heart faces

My entry into the I Heart Faces photo contest.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Just a quick checking in...

We spent the weekend helping mom and dad move into their new house. Today was spent catching up on some things in my own house. ahhh...

But on a serious note, if you have checked out the button on the sidebar, "Little Miracle," you know that this sweet baby has quite a story! He is in need of prayers! Go to MckMama's blog to get more details of what is happening. It appears that that the heart problems he had before birth are happening again.

Monday, March 16, 2009


We had a busy weekend! It started with Friday night. Jess had a Girl Scout cookie booth to participate in. Four girls for 3 hours selling cookies can be an experience. Good fortune for the cookie mom and me that we had decent weather to be outside. They did a good job. Quite a few cookies were sold. Daddy and Brandon had a little bonding time.

Saturday was birthday party time for Ray. Already the big 1. It goes by so fast. Shannon had asked if we would be the photographers for the day. She had to really twist our arm! Lots of new toys and cute clothes. He is set for the summer! The cupcakes arranged as Elmo's face was... yummy!! To bad Ray didn't want to dig in.
Check out Shannon's blog for some pictures of a fun day! (It was worth the wait)

After the festivities, we had another surprise. Uncle Mike and Aunt Rachel are having a baby!!!! So cute the way they announced to everyone. Shannon was making a video for her parents since they we not able to fly in from Florida. So for their greeting Mike told them he was sorry they couldn't be here in person when they told everyone that Rachel was pregnant. Needless to say everyone went silly crazy! How excited we are for them!!
So say a little prayer for a smooth sailing pregnancy.

The kiddos went home with Grandma and Grandpa. Since they will be moving this coming weekend, they needed "one last sleep over." Who needed it, you ask. The kiddos or the grandparents? ...That one is probably a toss-up!

Sunday was another cookie booth. Remember those commercials for Dunkin Donuts? "Time to make the donuts." That sort of what it feels like...must sell cookies, must sell cookies. Thank goodness we are about to wrap this up.

It was so nice outside after the cookie booth. I did a bit of grocery shopping. This time it was daddy/daughter bonding time. When I got home we got Jess out on her bike. We have been making small attempts at getting this girl off her training wheels. She made some real progress! So proud of her for the "try, try again" attitude. And she brought out the roller blades and proceeded to go around the neighborhood. Us going with her of course! Her skills are already much better than her mom's! She obviously takes after her daddy in the roller blade department. Brandon made it home around dinner time. Bathtime and bedtime.

And here we are...back to Monday.

I would be remiss in my mommy duties if I did not get a couple pictures of my own kiddos. I will need to upload the bike riding pics another time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New button

I have several blogs that I read that are not listed on the blog roll. (I don't know why I haven't listed them.) But in checking in tonight, I thought "why not grab the button for the blog?" So I did. Check out the new button that will take you to "Williams Family Blog." Their sweet boy was born (on my birthday) with a rare skin disease. Offer up a prayer for them. Or words of encourgement. Or just keep them in your thoughts.

Still here...

We're still here! Just going along in the day to day stuff. This past Saturday was the school carnival. It is held at the high school each year. This is our third year of going and the kids have lots of fun. We met up with Tina, Anthony and Carlene. The kids played pretty much every game, bounced in bounce houses, made sand art and played book bingo. Ok, ok... the kids weren't really that interested in bingo, but the adults played to win books for them. Afterwards, Tina and family came to our house to continue the fun and pizza for dinner. Sunday Grandma and Grandpa stopped by. It has actually been a while since we have gotten together. So they visited a bit and we all went out to lunch. Then back home for Grandma and Grandpa. They have packing to finish. It is only 10 days til moving day!!

Tuesday is Ray day. Good thing that I am something of a packrat! Ray had something "new" to play with. The beloved John Deere ride on/push toy. He had a fun walking around on his own, but I think it was more fun for Brandon to push him. Although, Ray's toes just barely touch the floor, so he was able to get in a few scoots on his own. We also took a quick walk when Jess and daddy got home. A bit "breezy," but warm. (Guess it was a good thing that I still had the umbrella stroller! They fold up small, easy to stash!)

After such a nice day yesterday, it is back to cold. Jess asked this morning, "when will it be spring?" I wish I knew!! But it can't be too far off, pretty much all the flower beds are showing signs of new growth.