Monday, February 22, 2010

Just hanging out...

Yep, that about sums it up. Normal everyday stuff going on.
A few noteworthy items no particular order...

-Daddy was out of town for a few days.
-We've had a couple of snow days. The kiddos loved this! They pretty much hung out in PJ's.
-We attended a birthday party.
-The kids made Valentine's Day cards for me.
-Took the kids bowling for the first time. (no camera, will have to see if Aunt Shannon posts any.)
-Received some sad news, but I will leave it at that. We're thinking of you and  love you.
-Found out my cousin will be singing the Star Spangled Banner this summer at an Indians game. How cool is that? You can listen to him sing it here, along with some other songs.
-I have seen the smallest hint of new growth from my flowers outside. I really think we might get a "spring!"
-Don't like that I find out the results in the Olympic events I want to watch before they actually get broadcast. Takes the fun out of watching.
-Reconnected with my niece through Facebook. This makes me happy! She is all grown up and pretty amazing!

That will have to do. Now back to your regular programming....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 6 - “We Heart Kisses” Photo Challenge!

I decided to try again. When I saw the theme for this week's challenge, I couldn't resist. This picture immediately came to mind...

Brandon meeting his new cousin, Dylan.

You can see more pictures from their meeting here. Or to see how much sweet little Dylan has grown; he is almost 3 months old now, go here

And to see lots more of kisses and smooches, check out I HEART FACES!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monster Jam 2010

On Saturday, we went to Monster Jam. We have zillions of pictures. I picked out a mere 55 for the slide show. It was a lot of fun! And a few laughs that had nothing to do with monster trucks... Jessica's tears over Grave Digger's crash just cracked me up! Burst out kind of laughing. This girl can be so over the top. (posted previously)

I still have pictures from the Pit Pass Party, but not today. Soon. Maybe.

and a little book of Dylan's visit today in the post before this one....

A visit from Dylan

Sweet Dylan came for a visit yesterday. His mama went back to work yesterday. Unfortunately, grandma wasn't available. Darn the luck! ;) I haven't seen this cutie since Christmas! - I know! Shame on me!- But Jess and Brandon have. And Dylan already has a new friend, little Miss Grace. Brandon loved being able to love on both babies and give a few extra snuggles to his cousin.

Dylan, tell your mama and daddy that you can come over anytime! And not just because grandma is busy!
Love you little guy!

Speaking of little Miss Grace, guess who turned 3 months old last week!

She really liked Brandon's puppy dog.