Monday, March 17, 2008


Sunday we took the kiddos over to finally get their hands on the new baby. Needless to say, they were excited! And I am a proud mama at how well they did!
Jess was ready as soon as we got in the door.
She knew just what to do.
Eyes wide open looking at Brandon
Brandon wasn't sure how to hold him and tickle his cheeks at the same time.
What big kids they are!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I guess being persistant is the key! FINALLY, I was able to upload the pictures that I had taken. I did not take a lot, but I think you can see that he is pretty darn cute!
It says- "I'm waiting for my cousin" With Grandma
3 Generations
2 very excited cousins finally get a peak
fresh and clean after a bath

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Here he is!!
Raymond William We also made another trip up to the hospital after Jess came home from school. Both of the kiddos were able to see their new cousin. They were very excited! I have a few more pictures (that I cannot upload. think the ol' memory stick has about had it). For now I guess you have to take my word on it that they are cute! My kiddos holding up signs at the window saying hi to Baby Ray and telling their name. Brandon asks "babies know how to read?"

Naming the Kiddos

On one of the BLOGS that I so enjoy reading, Jen ( has been asked many times how they were able to decide on names for their super cute Quads. She suggested that her readers post how they picked names for our own kiddos and I thought... hey, I can do that! So, here it is-
Jessica Elizabeth- My dear hubby had wanted to find out the sex of our baby before we started the search for a name. I had been throwing names out for quite some time, but once we found out that "it" was a girl, there hadn't really been any that stood out. So, out came the baby name books again. So one day, I suggested another name (don't recall what it was) and the usual noncommital response from him. "But what about Jessica?" I guess that he took MY lack of a response as a no and said to never mind. But I was in shock that HE suggested something! I was determined that we would have to use the name since it was the one and only that he offered. We did have 3 other names that we liked, but just not "the one." Elizabeth was one of those names and liked the way it fit with Jessica.
Brandon Lee- I knew that he would share his daddy's middle name. I wanted him to be named after his daddy, but not be "Jr." I had gone thru the baby books again, made a short list of about 6-8 names. Hubby minused a few of them out and then we asked our then 2 1/2 yr old Jess. No matter which order we asked, she would always pick "Ban-don." Obviously, we liked it since it made the the list, and if it helped our little girl to adjust to being a Big Sister we were all for it! And guess what! Jess is a great big sister and her little brother just loves her so much!

A Little Ray of Sunshine

Look out World!! Another Jones boy has been added! Raymond William arrived via C-Section at 11:18 am, 7 lbs, 2 oz. He has a bit of hair that right now just looks like fuzz and some very chubby cheeks. Mom was still pretty groggy when I stopped in, but otherwise doing well.

Brandon and I made it to the hospital just in the nick of time! Unfortunately, B was unable to see the little guy because he is not allowed to go back to Aunt S's room. Little Ray was taken to have a few tests done and we had to leave. But we will try to get up there again after while so that J and B can look at him thru the nursery window. B was so dissapointed :(

I will have to try later to add pictures, I appear to be having a bit of difficulty. Or maybe Grandma can email a couple to me whenever they get home...

Monday, March 10, 2008

(Updated) Baby On The Way!

It sounds like my Sister-In-Law is going to be admitted to the hospital tomorrow to be induced.s depending on how long Mr. Little Britches decides to prolong "the process," we will have a new addition to the Jones family very, very soon!

And it appears that we really need to work with B on his terminology... it's new baby COUSIN, not new baby BROTHER- BIG difference there son!

** update** Sis-in-Law didn't have to be at the hospital until late this afternoon and doctor plans on inducing early Wednesday morning. Hopefully, there will be news by the evening and pictures to share

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sneak Peak

Jessica's outfit for the upcoming recital arrived Monday when we went to Dance Class... here is a little sneak peak...

The Great Outdoors

What a great day it was on Sunday! We had it all out-- the sidewalk chalk, the frisbee, football, bikes and roller blades

somehow we missed getting a picture of B on his bike(??)
oh well, sure there will be more days like this coming soon

February 27- My Birthday!

So, it was my --th birthday last week. It was a very relaxing day! When daddy came home from work, the kiddos helped bake a chocolate cake.
Brandon takes his turn
And now Jess. (Notice the birthday hat they found in the pantry)
The beater, maybe the 2nd best part!
How about this chocolate face?!
The yummy finished product, and yes they did help decorate too
We went out for dinner. The kiddos sang happy birthday and then we had CAKE!
What a good day!

Is there a doctor in the house?

Daddy brought home a couple pairs of gloves for the kids to play with....
Daddy- the lucky patient!
Checking out the ol' ticker
Looks like a shot in the leg is needed!
Grandpa had a few tests done, but don't worry he checked out OK!

Before and After

Now you see it...

Now you don't...

This was about 10"+ of hair cut off.

It looks so much darker, but there were no artificial colors used in the making of this picture